cover only: Hobonichi Techo Dreamy Soda (A6)

The Colors series is a regular part of our cover lineup, available in a variety of solid colors and always featuring a basic style with pen holders to keep your cover shut. We’ve implemented many improvements over the years in response to customer input, making the Colors series one of the most user-friendly options in the lineup. Dreamy Soda takes a light blue color, like a fizzy soda pop, and adds an orange-pink to the color scheme to give the cover a cute, refreshing look that’s not overly sweet. High-quality polyester construction gives this cover its sturdy feel and subtle shine — it’s durable enough to last a long time but light enough to carry with you everywhere. The “butterfly-stopper” pen holders act as a hinge, keeping the cover safely shut while you store a pen inside.

Cover for
Hobonichi Techo Planner A6
31,00 €
Uni Druckbleistift Set Color Erasable Uni Druckbleistifte Color Erasable Set (0.5 mm)
12,90 €
Kokuyo Klebebandabroller weiß Kokuyo Hand-Klebebandabroller weiß
6,50 €
Hobonichi Card Case Hobonichi Card Case
7,50 €
Hobonichi Sticker Set "Gurunpa's Kindergarten" Hobonichi Sticker Set "Gurunpa's Kindergarten"
7,50 €
Hobonichi Paper(s) Aurora Duty Cover Hobonichi Paper(s) Notizbuch Aurora Duty
6,90 €
MT Masking Tape pastel rose MT Masking Tape pastel rose (7m)
3,00 €
MT Masking Tape pastel lavender MT Masking Tape pastel lavender (7m)
3,00 €
MT Masking Tape William Morris Granville MT Masking Tape William Morris Granville (7m)
4,90 €
Hobonichi Index Stickers Hobonichi Index Stickers
6,00 €
Uni UB-105 Tintenroller schwarz Uni Tintenroller UB-105
1,90 €
Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" schwarz Koh-I-Noor Vollminenstift "Progresso" schwarz
2,10 €
Tombow Glue Pen Tombow Klebestift Glue Pen
3,50 €
SEED "For Color" Radiergummi neongelb Seed Radiergummi For Color neongelb
1,90 €
Masking Tape einfarbig babyblau Masking Tape einfarbig babyblau (10m)
3,80 €
Masking Tape "Dot CL" nebelrosa Masking Tape "Dot CL" nebelrosa (15m)
3,80 €
Masking Tape "8 Rennen" hellblau Masking Tape "8 Rennen" hellblau (15m)
3,80 €