cover only: Hobonichi Techo Strawberry Milk (A6)

Hülle für Hobonichi Techo "Colors: Strawberry Milk"

Der Einband aus hochwertigem Polyesther schafft ein robustes Handgefühl und reflektiert in leichten Schein. Die beiden Stiftschlaufen dienen auch als Verschluss, um versehentliches Aufklappen zu verhintern. Am Cover sind zwei Buchzeichen angebracht, eines mit dreieckigem und eines mit quadratischem Anhänger im Einbandmaterial; so lassen sich z.B. die aktuelle Position im Tageskalender und Monatskalender unterscheiden. Zusätzlich verfügt das Cover Innen über mehrere Fächer und Einschübe für Karten und Zettel.

Information vom Hersteller:

The Colors series is a regular part of our cover lineup, available in a variety of solid colors and always featuring a basic style with pen holders to keep your cover shut. We’ve implemented many improvements over the years in response to customer input, making the Colors series one of the most user-friendly options in the lineup. We’ve carefully chosen several color schemes for this year’s lineup. The popular and versatile black cover returns again this year with a pale blue interior for a stylish and refreshing look. High-quality polyester construction gives this cover its sturdy feel and subtle shine — it’s durable enough to last a long time, but light enough to carry with you everywhere. The pen holders act as a hinge, keeping the cover safely shut while you store a pen inside. The cover contains two bookmarks, one with a rectangle charm and one with a triangle charm, so you can keep your place in two parts of the book, such as the monthly calendar and the daily page.

Standard A6 size cover with pen holders that act as a hinge; it will keep your cover shut when you store a pen inside. Made from sturdy polyester with a subtle shine. Comes with two bookmarks - each with different charms on the ends. The color of the interior is pale blue. 

165 x 117 x 20 mm, Polyester (PE)
31,00 €