Bienvenue Publishing Card Set Leaves of Friendship (5 pcs.)

Small Print Collection N°12

The flowers of friendship are blooming in a vast variety of colours and are beloved all over the world over. The variation in the leaves, with its typical asymmetrical shape, is often overlooked, but is even more fascinating. The genus, Begonia, and its near 1800 variants was discovered in 1690 in the rainforests of South America by the botanist Charles Plumier. He named the plant after his companion, naval officer Michel Bégon, with whom he was travelling the world during the 17th century. The Begonia received its name and symbolism because of this relationship. Standing for dependability, loyalty and friendship: giving a Begonia as a present reinforces feelings and the promise to always be there for the other.

104 × 140 mm
5 prints
Z-Offset Natural paper, 400g / m²
Offset printing in Zurich
Concept and Design
Bienvenue Studios
Country of origin
Bienvenue Publishing Karten Set Leaves of Friendship (5 St.)
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