Bienvenue Publishing Card Set Moon Fluttering (5 pcs.)

Small Print Collection N°14

A moth uses the moon as a guide through the night. If it gets lost, it turns around until it can see the moon. Because of the many artificial lights in our cities, they get disoriented and end up eaten by birds or die of malnutrition the next day. To fend off their many predators, moths have developed various means of protection for all their lifeforms. For example, the appearance of bird feces for the caterpillar and at the fully developed stage, a wing design imitating the eyes of an animal or tree rinds. Such fascinating creatures must be protected. May the moon shine brightly.

104 × 140 mm
5 prints
Z-Offset Natural paper, 400g / m²
Offset printing in Zurich
Concept and Design
Bienvenue Studios
Country of origin
Bienvenue Publishing Karten Set Moon Fluttering (5 St.)
€18.90 *