Bienvenue Publishing Card Set Helvetic Treasures (5 pcs.)

Small Print Collection N°16

This series showcases mountain crystals from the Swiss Alps. They have been here for millions of years, buried deeply in rocks, waiting to be brought to light. Already in classical antiquity, crystals have been searched for in the alps. The Greeks considered quartz to be deep-frozen and infusible ice. In ancient Greek, the word «krystallos» means approximately «ice crust». In medieval times, quartz was thought to have healing and thirst-quenching properties. An Ethiopian king was thought to possess a sarcophagus entirely made out of crystal, which is supposed to completely preserve the corpse. Crystals have been collected for their fascinating beauty and endless variety.

104 × 140 mm
5 prints
Z-Offset Natural paper, 400g / m²
Offset printing in Zurich
Concept and Design
Bienvenue Studios
Country of origin
Bienvenue Publishing Karten Set Helvetic Treasures (5 St.)
€18.90 *
Midori Lesezeichen Schablone silber Midori Clip Ruler Stencil silver
€15.50 *
KAMI Tomoe River Schreibblock (A5) KAMI Schreibblock Tomoe River (A5)
€18.90 *
KAMI Tomoe River Schreibblock (A4) KAMI Schreibblock Tomoe River (A4)
€24.90 *
TWSBI Precision Kugelschreiber schwarz TWSBI Precision ballpoint pen
€33.00 *
Leone Papierklammer Fermagli No.1 (100 St.) Leone paper clips Fermagli No.1 (100 pcs)
€1.90 * €2.40 *
japanischer Flachbeutel "Fenster" japanischer Flachbeutel "Fenster" (5 St.)
€3.90 *
Kaweco Tintenpatronen perlenschwarz (6 St.) KaWeCo ink cartridges pearl black (6 pcs)
€2.00 *