Bienvenue Publishing Card Set Praying Hands (5 pcs.)

Small Print Collection N°17

The “Prayer Plants” are named after a unique feature: at nightfall, they fold their leaves together in an upright position, as if they were praying for the evening vespers. With the morning light, the leaves open again, sometimes even with a faint rustle. Native to the Brazilian rainforest, there are around 50 different species of prayer plants. They also feel at ease in households in temperate regions. The leaves of some species are used in basket weaving. Some other species produce wax, while others have edible flowers and tubers.The Arawak people of South America used the starch of the plant’s rhizome to absorb the poison out of wounds. Besides being cultivated for its starch, prayer plants are beloved for the visual appeal of their leaves, as they feature patterns looking like they have been drawn by hand.

104 × 140 mm
5 prints
Z-Offset Natural paper, 400g / m²
Offset printing in Zurich
Concept and Design
Bienvenue Studios
Country of origin
Bienvenue Publishing Karten Set Praying Hands (5 St.)
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