Mini Folded Card Laundry Bag

Scout Editions Mini Card Library - Laundry Bag

The iconic red, white and blue laundry bag originated from Hong Kong in the 1960s and has become to represent Hong Kong culture. The nylon canvas used to make the bags was invented in Japan and originally used as shelter for construction sites and as protection for farmland. They were only made in blue and white at first. then red was added to the fabric to represent luck and fortune.

Riso-printed with soy based inks, on quality FSC certified card stock.

Please note that each print will vary very slightly, making each one one-off and unique. Offsetting may occur, we think add extra charm.

A folded card, blank inside for you to write a message.

Comes with a grey envelope.

80 × 104 mm
Uncoated, FSC-certified
Concept and Design
Scout Editions
Country of origin
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