Ohto Slide Clipper large (5 pcs)

The patented Japanese Slide Clipper is made of stainless nickel-plated steel and can be easily attached to paper by hand. The clip holds up to 60 sheets (80g) and does not damage the paper. It can be easily removed and reused many times.

(5 pieces)

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Ohto Slide Clipper (5 St.) Ohto Slide Clipper small (1 pcs)
€0.80 *
Ohto Powerclipper Ohto Powerclipper
From €7.70 *
Velos Umlegeklammern W-Clip flach Velos Umlegeklammern W-Clip flach
€9.50 *
Midori Klapp-Lineal schwarz Midori Klapp-Lineal schwarz
€19.90 *
Tombow Glue Pen Tombow "Glue Pen" glue stick
€3.50 *
Masking Tape einfarbig "aonibi" graublau Masking Tape plain "aonibi" greyish blue
€3.80 *
Coccoina Klebestift 10g Coccoina Glue Stick 10g
€2.70 *
Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist Pinselstift - weiß Kuretake brush marker ZIG Cartoonist white
€8.90 *
Kunisawa Find Ring Note kohleschwarz (A5) Kunisawa Ringbuch Find Ring Note kohle (A5)
€19.90 *
Heftring mit Scharnier Carta Pura Binding Ring Ø 32 mm
€0.45 *
Heftring mit Scharnier Carta Pura Binding Ring Ø 20 mm
€0.35 *
Masking Tape einfarbig pastell gelb Masking Tape einfarbig pastell lemon (10m)
€3.80 *
SEED "Radarline" Radiergummi Seed Radiergummi Radarline
€1.90 *
Masking Tape "Girlande" grau Masking Tape "Girlande" grau (10m)
€4.20 *
KUM "Long Point" Spitzer KUM "Long Point" Sharpener
€7.90 *
Masking Tape "Dot S" gold Masking Tape "Dot S" gold (10m)
€3.80 *
Kaweco Clip Sport silberfarben Kaweco Clip Sport silberfarben
€2.90 *
Minimagnet Minimagnet
€0.50 *
Griffmagnet 5,5 Kg Griffmagnet 5,5 Kg
€2.50 *
Masking Tape Old Book graublau Masking Tape Old Book graublau (15m)
€3.80 *
Maruman Schreibblock "Mnemosyne" kariert (A4) Maruman Writing Pad "Mnemosyne" grid (A4)
€17.90 *