Midori Paperclip P-51 "rabbit" (18 pcs)

Midori P-51 Paperclip "rabbit"

"P-51", The name of the clips stems from the 51% Papier, that the paperclips are made of. The rest of the material is dyestuff and synthetic resin. The material MAPKA is responsible for the matte surface. The clips can hold approx. 10 sheets of paper and are a great add on for gift wrapping.

18 Clips in six colors.

€6.50 *
Uni Limex Kugelschreiber Uni Limex Ballpoint Pen
€3.50 *
Mitsubishi Uni Emott Fineliner No 1 Vivid (5 St.) Uni Fineliner Emott No 1 Vivid (5 St.)
€15.90 *
Midori Minimagnete "Safari" Midori Minimagnets "safari"
€8.50 *
Midori Minimagnete "Hunde" Midori Minimagnets "dogs"
€8.50 *
Masking Tape "Faces" weiß Masking Tape "Faces" white
€3.30 *
Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift grün Pilot Pinselstift "Fude Makase" grün
€3.50 *
Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift pink Pilot Pinselstift "Fude Makase" pink
€3.50 *
Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift rot Pilot Pinselstift "Fude Makase" rot
€3.50 *
Pinetti Dokumentenmappe Leder schwarz Pinetti Dokumentenmappe Leder schwarz
€170.00 *
Kuretake "Mangaka Flexible" Pinselstift Kuretake "Mangaka Flexible" Brush Pen M
€2.90 *
Kuretake "Mangaka Flexible" Pinselstift Kuretake "Mangaka Flexible" Brush Pen F
€2.90 *
Pentel Touch Schwarz Pentel Pinselstift Touch Schwarz
€2.90 *
+d Brieföffner "Birdie" hellblau +d Brieföffner "Birdie" hellblau
€9.90 *
Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" graphit Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" graphite
€1.50 *
D-Clip Stahlbüroklammer "Kaninchen" (30 St.) Midori Büroklammern "Kaninchen" (30 St.)
€7.50 *
D-Clip Stahlbüroklammer "Ente" (30 St.) D-Clip steel paperclip "Duck" (30 pcs)
€7.50 *
Maruman Skizzenblock "Soho Sketch" (B6) Maruman Skizzenblock "Soho Sketch" (B6)
€8.90 *
Mine für Pilot Birdie Feinminenstift Refill for Pilot Birdie ballpoint pen
€1.90 *
KaWeCo Mine für Tintenroller blau Kaweco Gelmine blau
€3.95 *
Pilot Birdie Feinminenstift Pilot Kugelschreibermine Birdie
€10.90 *
Masking Tape einfarbig "wine" Masking Tape einfarbig "wine" weinrot
€3.30 *
Masking Tape einfarbig "himawari" gelb Masking Tape einfarbig "himawari" gelb
€3.30 *
Masking Tape einfarbig lavendel Masking Tape einfarbig lavendel
€3.30 *