Midori Paperclip P-51 "crocodile" (18 pcs)

Midori P-51 Paperclip "crocodile"

"P-51", The name of the clips stems from the 51% paper, that the paperclips are made of. The rest of the material is dyestuff and synthetic resin. The material MAPKA is responsible for the matte surface. The clips can hold approx. 10 sheets of paper and are a great add on for gift wrapping.

18 Clips in six colors.

Masking Tape "Flag" Masking Tape "Flag"
Klebebilder auf Rolle - Katzen (18mm) Klebebilder auf Rolle - Katzen (18 mm)
Midori P-51 Papierclip "Roboter" Midori P-51 Paperclip "robot" (18 pcs)
Midori P-51 Papierclip "Schildkröte" Midori Paperclip P-51 "turtle" (18 pcs)
Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" schwarz Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" black
Koh-I-Noor Buntstift "Progresso Aquarelle" in silber Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" silver gray
Heftring mit Scharnier Carta Pura Binding Ring Ø 32 mm
Heftring mit Scharnier Carta Pura Binding Ring Ø 20 mm
KAMI Notizbuch "Beluga" KAMI notebook "Beluga"
Kupfer-Klebeband KAMI copper foil tape
Masking Tape "kleiner Garten" grün Masking Tape "kleiner Garten" grün