Masking Tape "Random" white

Masking tapes are paper tapes made from Japanese washi paper. They are not only characterized by trendy colors and patterns, but they also have a silk-matte, gently structured surface and are slightly transparent. Using the tapes is really easy: not only cutting but also simply tearing lengthways or crossways is not a problem and leads to spontaneous and interesting results. The adhesive tapes will stick on clean surfaces and nestle in curves and bumps. They can be removed easily, especially from smooth surfaces, and always without residue in our tests. This also makes corrections or spontaneous rearrangements a child's play. The tape is 10 m long and 18 mm wide. Country of origin: Japan. Design: Shion Sugawara

Masking Tape "Random" weiß
€3.22 *
Klebebilder auf Rolle - Hundemotiv (30mm) Klebebilder auf Rolle - Hundemotiv (30 mm)
€14.52 *
Masking Tape "Random" gelb Masking Tape "Random" yellow
€3.22 *
Masking Tape "Faces" weiß Masking Tape "Faces" white
€3.22 *
Zenith 548E Handhefter Klammern Klammern für Zenith 548E Handhefter
€1.46 *
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook "Travel Tools" Einlage Regular Size Traveler's Notebook "Travel Tools" Refill Regular Size
€6.73 * €8.68 *
Kaweco Clip Special chrom Kaweco Clip Special chrom
€4.83 *
Masking Tape "Toraneko" rot Masking Tape "Toraneko" rot
€3.22 *
Masking Tape mt15-021 sushi Masking Tape sushi table
€3.22 *
Masking Tape 10001 polar Masking Tape polar
€3.22 *
Dailylike Masking Tape 22 swan Masking Tape swan
€3.22 *
Masking Tape human being MT Masking Tape human being
€5.85 *
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook Passport Size "016" Ablage-Ordner Traveler's Notebook "016" binder
€11.60 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber rot Pilot G-Tec-C3 Gelschreiber (0.3 mm) rot
€2.14 * €3.80 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber orange Pilot G-Tec-C3 Gelschreiber (0.3 mm) orange
€2.14 * €3.80 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber grün Pilot G-Tec-C3 Gelschreiber (0.3 mm) grün
€2.14 * €3.80 *
TWIN Feinminenstift rot-grün TWIN Feinminenstift rot-grün
€6.73 * €11.60 *
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen rubinrot KaWeCo ink cartridges ruby red (6 pcs)
€1.95 *
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen perlenschwarz KaWeCo ink cartridges pearl black (6 pcs)
€1.95 *
Garn & Mehr Bakers Twine in neon pink Garn & Mehr Bakers Twine in neon pink
€7.70 *
Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" graphit Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" graphite
€1.46 *
Tombow "Fudenosuke" Pinselstift Tombow "Fudenosuke" brush pen Soft
€3.41 *
Masking Tape "Hougan" mint Masking Tape "Hougan" mint
€2.44 * €3.22 *
Letterpress Klappkarte "Dancers" dunkelblau Esme Winter Letterpress Klappkarte "Dancers" dunkelblau
€2.14 * €4.39 *
KAMI Etiketten schwarz KAMI Adhesive Labels black (25pcs)
€7.70 *
Notizkarten Quastenflosser Notizkarten Quastenflosser (40 St.)
€8.68 *
Masking Tape "Freund" orange Masking Tape "Freund" orange
€4.09 *
Coccoina Klebestift 40g Coccoina glue stick 40g
€3.80 *