Midori Masking Sticker "Marché"

The Midori Sticker Marché collection consists of washi tape stickers in a variety of patterns. From fruits to stationery, these little stickers adorn your notebook or any card and message. And since they are semi-transparent, they look more like small drawings. The stickers are made of washi tape and can easily be re-applied. Each set contains 10 sheets with approximately 50 stickers each.

€4.00 *


Masking Tape human being MT Masking Tape human being
€6.00 *
Masking Tape "Random" weiß Masking Tape "Random" white
€3.30 *
Traveler's Notebook 2021 Regular Dokumentenhülle Traveler's Notebooks Document Cover 2021 Regular Size
€2.00 * €6.90 *
Masking Tape "kleiner Garten" grün Masking Tape kleiner Garten grün
€3.30 *
Zenith Heftklammern für 548E Zenith Heftklammern 130/E
€1.50 *
Kaweco Clip Special chrom Kaweco Clip Special chrom
€4.95 *
Armenisches Duftpapier "la rose" Papier d’Arménie Duftpapier "la rose"
€4.90 *
Masking Tape "Sternenhimmel" schwarz Masking Tape "Sternenhimmel" schwarz
€3.30 *
MT Masking Tape William Morris Acanthus MT Masking Tape William Morris Acanthus
€4.50 *
Klebebilder auf Rolle - Katzen (18mm) Klebebilder auf Rolle - Katzen (18 mm)
€11.90 *
Midori 2020 Index Stickers Numbered Midori Index Stickers Numbered
€4.10 *
Masking Tape 10005 fan Masking Tape Fächer
€3.30 *
Tomoe River Scheibblock A5 Tomoe River Schreibblock (A5)
€15.90 *
 Masking Tape einfarbig pastell ecru Masking Tape einfarbig pastell ecru
€3.30 *
Masking Tape "Shigemi" blau Masking Tape "Shigemi" blau
€3.30 *
Masking Tape Single "Collage" blau Masking Tape Collage blau
€3.30 *