Ballograf chrome ballpoint pen Epoca spacegray

Classic ballpoint pen from Sweden. The pen shaft made of Cellidor plastic is unbreakable and feels pleasantly soft. The brilliant colors remain long-lasting thanks to the self-polishing effect. Due to the timeless design and the certified archive proof ink, the ballograph Epoca was able to establish itself as a classic pen used by public authorities not only in Sweden. Chromed hex shaft upper part, with guilloche line decoration combined with colored grip zone.
Dimensions: 1cm x 13.3cm

Product Information:
- High quality ball of tungsten carbide (1mm diameter)
- Soft writing comfort thanks to secure, document-friendly "soft ink"
- Writing length at least 8,000m
- Line width 0.5mm
- Made in EU

Ballograf Chrom Kugelschreiber Epoca spacegray
This product is currently not available.
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