Pilot G-Tec-C25 Gel Pen 0.25mm red

Gel pen with removable cap suitable for fine sketches, creative drawings, and writing. The friction-optimized stainless steel tip ensures a uniform write flow as well as high-pressure resistance and longevity. The writing tip provides a particularly precise and reproducible stroke. The grip zone is grooved and thus provides a secure grip during use. The case is transparent and provides a visible ink level at all times.

Lead width: 0.25 mm
Line width: 0.13 mm
Writing color: red

Pilot G-Tec-C25 Gelschreiber 0.25mm rot
€2.90 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber grün Pilot Gelschreiber G-Tec-C3 grün (0.3 mm)
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Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber rot Pilot Gelschreiber G-Tec-C4 rot (0.4 mm)
€2.90 *
Pilot G-Tec Gelschreiber grün Pilot Gelschreiber G-Tec-C4 grün (0.4 mm)
€2.90 *