Ohto Needlepoint "Slimline" black

Japanese needle point pen

As the name already suggests, the "Slimline" is the pen with the finest line width in our assortment. The pen fits into the tightest pen loops and is the perfect companion for notebooks, calendars and organizers. It is 13.5 cm long and weighs only 8.8 grams. This makes it ideal for traveling. The pin is made of brass and covered with a golden lacquer. Tip, tail, clip and center ring are made of aluminum.

6,5 mm
max. Diameter
9 mm
max. Lenght
135 mm
Aluminum, Brass
8,8 g
0.5 mm, black (Ohto 895NP)
matte gray
Country of origin
Ohto Needlepoint "Slim Line" silber matt
€9.90 *
Mine OHT-RFL1-893NP für Ohto "Slim Line" Ohto Refill 893NP
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€3.60 *
Postalco "River" Umschlagset Postalco "River" envelopes (10 pcs)
€18.90 *
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€3.50 *
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€11.90 *
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€14.90 *
Maruman "Mnemosyne" Ringbuch B5 liniert Maruman Ringbuch "Mnemosyne" liniert (B5)
€8.90 *
SEED "Radar" S-100 Radiergummi SEED Radiergummi "Radar" S-80
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Traveler's Notebook Etiketten-Stiftschlaufe "024" braun Traveler's Notebook "024" pen holder brown
€4.90 *
Traveler's Notebook Leder-Stiftschlaufe "016" groß camel Traveler's Notebook "016" pen holder camel
€12.90 *
Japanischer Porzellanstempel "PAID" japanischer Stempel aus Porzellan "PAID"
€7.50 *
Midori Pulp Storage Schreibetui grau Midori Schreibetui Pulp Storage grau
€7.90 *
Midori Spiralringbuch Camel A5 TRC Spiralringbuch Camel A5 Slim
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Masking Tape "Hougan" silber Masking Tape "Hougan" silber 2
€3.30 *
Halter für Tischkarten Halter für Tischkarten
€2.70 *