Midori Spiralringbuch Pelican A5 Slim

To celebrate the introduction for the Midori MD Notebook Cotton series, the MD team also introduces this Midori MD Pencil Drawing Kit.

This Midori Drawing Kit includes
5 MD pencils in their signature cream white with the graphite ranging from HB to 6B
5 Pencil Caps
1 NJK white pencil sharpener

The pencils work really well with the MD cotton paper.
The pencil sharpener is made by NJK, an Osaka based company and specialized in producing pencil sharpeners. This specific type has sold over 52 million in 40 years.

€10.90 *
Uni Kuru Toga Druckbleistift (0.5 mm) Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm
€8.90 *
Sakura Foam Radierer Sakura Foam Radierer
€1.90 *
Uni Pin-02A Fineliner ölbasis Uni Pin-02A Fineliner ölbasis
€2.50 *
Zebra Soft Brush Pen Zebra Soft Brush Pen FD-302
€4.90 *
Haftnotizen - Sushi Haftnotizen - Sushi
€6.90 *
Dailylike Masking Tape 2 giverny Masking Tape giverny
€4.30 *
Pentel Touch Pentel Touch Rot
€2.90 *
Pentel Touch Blau Pentel Touch Blau
€2.90 *
Midori MD minimal Notebook liniert Midori MD minimal Notebook A5 lined
€13.95 *
KAMI Kartenhalter Keramik schwarz KAMI ceramic card holder black (1 pc)
€7.90 *
Masking Tape "Landschaft" Masking Tape "Landschaft"
€4.20 *
Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A7 kariert Midori MD Sticky Memo Pad A7 kariert
€9.90 *