APICA ringbook SW134S grid (B5)

Japanese notebook by Apica with double ring binding and cover made of strong natural brown cardboard. Due to the double ring binding, the notebook lies flat when folded back and the cover is robust enough to hold the ring binder with only one hand while writing.

Semi B5 (181 x 252 mm)
60 (30 sheets)
ring binding
acid-free paper, 70 gsm, 5mm grid
smooth paper, suitable for fountain pen
Country of origin
€4.90 *
Yamama Haftnotizen metallisch Yamama "Sticky Note Wallet" metallic
€10.90 *
Kleid Japanese Notebook A5 red Kleid Japanese Notebook A5 red
€8.00 *
Klebebilder auf Rolle - Hundemotiv (18mm) Klebebilder auf Rolle - Hunde (18 mm)
€11.90 *
Pentel Touch Blau Pentel Pinselstift Touch blau
€2.90 *
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KaWeCo Tintenpatronen palmengrün KaWeCo ink cartridges palm green (6 pcs)
€2.00 *
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€2.00 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Mine blau Ballograf Kugelschreibermine blau
€1.60 *
Paperways COMPAT - Notizbuch liniert in blau Paperways Notizheft COMPAT liniert blau
€3.90 *
Paperways COMPAT - Notizbuch liniert in braun Paperways Notizheft COMPAT liniert braun
€3.90 *
Masking Tape einfarbig "wakanae" gelbgrün Masking Tape einfarbig "wakanae" gelbgrün
€3.30 *
KaWeCo Markerminen für Fallminenstifte 5,6mm Kaweco Trockenmarker-Mine (5.6 mm / 3 St.)
€4.95 *
Palomino Bleistift Blackwing Pearl Palomino Bleistift Blackwing Pearl (12 St.)
€29.90 *
Minimagnet Minimagnet
€0.50 *