Platinum Converter PLAT500

This converter with a golden accent allows the use of bottled inks in Platinum pens that are operated with cartridges. It holds 0.61 ml of ink; The converter is suitable for all Platinum fountain pens.

Platinum Konverter Gold
€7.90 *
Pilot Konverter CON-40 Pilot converter CON-40
€7.90 *
Platinum Adapter für europäische Patronen Platinum adapter for European cartridges
€3.60 *
Kuretake No.13 Pinselfüller Kuretake No. 13 brush fountain pen
€24.90 *
Hobonichi Memo Pad Set für Techo A5 Hobonichi Memo Pad Set for Techo A5
€9.10 *
Hobonichi Memo Pad Set for Techo A6 Hobonichi Memo Pad Set for Techo A6
€9.10 *
Pilot Tintenpatronen königsblau (12 St.) Pilot Ink cartridges royal blue (5 pcs)
€6.50 *
KWZ TInte IG Gold KWZ Tinte IG Gold
€15.90 *
Noodler's Ink Nachfüllbare Patronen Set Noodler's Ink "308" Nachfüllbare Patronen (10 St.)
€9.90 * €17.90 *
Japanische Aufkleber "Schwalbe" japanische Aufkleber "Schwalbe" (24 St)
€7.90 *
SEED "Radarline" Radiergummi SEED "Radarline" Radiergummi
€1.90 *
KUM "Long Point" Spitzer KUM "Long Point" Sharpener
€7.90 *
Coccoina Papierkleber Dose 125g Coccoina paper glue tin can 125g
€5.20 *