TRC "B-Sides & Rarities" Regular Trägerpapier für Aufkleber

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Einlage "Sticker Release Paper" für das Traveler's Notebook Regular-Size

Dieses Refill besteht aus dem glatten Trägerpapier, welches nach dem Entfernen eines Aufklebers übrig bleibt. Auf diesem Papier kann man problemlos Aufkleber oder Masking Tape Streifen anbringen und jederzeit leicht wieder entfernen. Wenn man eine große Sammlung von Aufklebern hat, oder auf Reisen welche sammelt, ist dies eine großartige Möglichkeit, um Favoriten aufzubewahren. Bitte beachten: Die Einlage kommt ohne Stickers.

Der Hersteller schreibt

Back in den days of vinyl records, artists used to release their hit singles on 7-inch 45rpm records. These caused a boom in the pop music scene as they made music more accessible to the average person.

Vinyl singles had an A-side and a B-side. The A-side was for the song the artist was hoping would be a hit, and artist poured all their efforts into this song. The B-sides were often considered bonus tracks, and musicians were less concerned about their commercial prospects. This did not mean no effort was made; rather, musicians saw these tracks as an opportunity for more artistic freedom. Sometimes they would experiment with new styles of music; other times they would cover songs they liked. There were times when this paid off so well that the B-side became more of a hit than the A-side, or developed a cult following. It is now common for long-running musicians to release albums of "B-Sides & Rarities".

It has now been 15 years since TRAVELER'S notebook was first released. In those 15 years, we have explored all kinds of new styles we ultimately chose not to adopt as permanent products. Sometimes this was because they diverged from the general purpose of the notebook, sometimes it was because they had only limited uses. But when we put them together, we have an exciting compilation of new ways to enjoy your TRAVELER'S notebook. So just as musicians release new albums of their B-sides and rarities, we've released a range of refills that are a little out of the ordinary. Maybe some of them will be B-sides that become a bigger hit than the A-side.

210 x 110 mm
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32 Seiten
Trägerpapier für Aufkleber
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This product is expected to be ready for shipping starting from: 20 April 2021

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