SEED Eraser "Clear Radar"

SEED is considered one of the first manufacturers of erasers in Japan. After World War II, the price of natural materials such as rubber was so high that SEED decided to develop plastic erasers and eventually patented the product in 1955, ahead of all other manufacturers. A significant advantage of plastic erasers is that they do not age and dry out like erasers made of natural rubber. The innovative Clear Radar eraser made of transparent plastic makes it easy to erase precisely and thoroughly. The flexible material erases cleanly even with a light touch and is easy to handle. Its soft quality means the eraser chips are lumps rather than unsightly dust. The eraser sleeve is also well thought out: it has notches in the corners that distribute pressure between the eraser and the sleeve, reducing nicks and breaks. (Model SEED EP-CL100) 

€1.90 *