Traveler's Notebook document cover 2022 Passport Size

Traveler's Notebooks Document Cover 2022 Passport Size

blue plastic cover to store notes, receipts, tickets and other items that need some protection

Polypropylene (PP)
country of origin
€5.90 *
Hobonichi Etiketten Frame Stickers Hobonichi Frame Stickers
€8.90 *
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook Passport Size "016" Ablage-Ordner Traveler's Notebook "016" binder
€11.90 *
Traveler's Notebook Leder-Stiftschlaufe "016" groß camel Traveler's Notebook "016" pen holder camel
€12.90 *
MT Masking Tape multi border vivid MT Masking Tape multi border vivid
€3.80 *
Mini-Buntstifte Set (12 St.) Color Pencil Pocket Set (12 pcs)
€8.90 *
Hobonichi Index Stickers Hobonichi Index Stickers
€6.00 *
Masking Tape "Sumo Life" Masking Tape Sumo Life
€4.20 *
Hobonichi Klarsichthülle Cousin Hobonichi clear cover
From €4.60 *
Grußkarte "Frohe Ostern" Grußkarte Frohe Ostern
€3.90 *
Stiftehalter aus Eiche "S" Oak pen holder "S"
€19.00 *
Masking Tape pastel gray Masking Tape pastel gray
€3.80 *
Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift blau Pilot Pinselstift Fude Makase blau
€3.50 *