Hobonichi Sticker Set "Gurunpa's Kindergarten"

Gurunpa’s Kindergarten is a beloved children’s book from over 50 years ago, first released in 1965. The longtime favorite book was written by Minami Nishiuchi and illustrated by Seiichi Horiuchi. The story stars Gurunpa the large elephant, who works at all kinds of places, including a shoe store, piano factory, automobile factory, and more.

Seiichi Horiuchi was active as an art director in a variety of fields, including magazine design and serialized travel journals. Gurunpa’s Kindergarten was one of the masterpieces of his work, and is the artwork featured on this techo cover.

The picture used on the cover shows Gurunpa the elephant happily going off to work, and you’ll be energized every time you see him marching triumphantly.

The bookmarks contain two charms: a biscuit that Gurunpa made at work and a plate.

The interior pocket also pictures Gurunpa carrying a large biscuit.

Gurunpa always stands up to a challenge; if he fails, he gets back up again. What a great character to spend the next year with.

We’ve also made a pencil board with this design that would go well with the cover.

ca. 100 sticker on 2 shetts
Polyester (PE)
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