Kokuyo notepad Soft Ring dotted-lines yellow (A7)

The Kokuyo notebook has rings made of soft plastic that soften when you put your hand on them, so it is much more convenient to use both pages at the same time. The soft rings of the notebook will not bend or scratch other items when you carry the book in a bag or backpack. The notepad is also easy to store thanks to the soft binding style. Reporter style with milky transparent cover. Silky soft paper is printed with a unique layout: a dot grid with horizontal lines running through the dots, making it easy to organize notes or draw diagrams. 80 sheets dot ruled with 6 mm line spacing..

Number of sheets 
ring binding (Soft-Ring)
Smooth 70gsm paper, 6 mm lines, dotted rule
plastic, flexible
lined with dots
Country of origin
This product is currently not available.
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