Uni-Ball Gel Pen One pink

Japanese gel pen with water-resistant pigment ink

Rollerball with a new and improved gel ink formula that provides a richer, denser consistency when writing. The result is rich, vibrant colors and even writing that stands out well on the page. The pens have a smooth-flowing 0.5-mm stroke width for fine, clean writing. The compact, sleek design of the gel roller features a convenient metal clip and slim white barrel. The uni-one's flawless, contemporary design blends beautifully into a modern stationery collection. The vibrant pigment ink makes dark inks appear deep and light inks appear bright, for clear writing without smudging or bleeding. The specially formulated ink stays on the fibers instead of soaking into the paper, while the color indicator on top of the pen makes it easy to identify ink color.

Max. diameter
10.5 mm
140 mm
Line width
0.5 mm
water-resistant pigment ink 
Country of origin
Uni-Ball Gelroller One pink
€1.90 *
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