Zebra Sign Pen Clickart Knock green

Japanese sign pen with retractable tip

The Zebra Clickart Knock combines the expressive power of a colorful felt-tip pen with the convenience of a retractable ballpoint or gel pen. The ink is specially formulated so that it will not dry out for an entire year as long as you keep it retracted when not in use. The ink stays moist by absorbing moisture from the air. The pen should therefore be stored in rooms that are not too dry.

max. Diameter
10.4 mm
148 mm
Plastic (PE, PP)
rectractable tip, without cap
Country of origin
Zebra Filzstift Clickart Knock grün
€1.60 *
Zebra Filzstift ClickArt hellgrün Zebra Sign Pen Clickart Knock light green
€1.60 *
Zebra Filzstift ClickArt hellrosa Zebra Sign Pen Clickart Knock light pink
€1.60 *
Zebra Filzstift ClickArt cherry pink Zebra Sign Pen Clickart Knock cherry pink
€1.60 *
Zebra Filzstift ClickArt hellbraun Zebra Sign Pen Clickart Knock light brown
€1.60 *
Zebra Filzstift ClickArt hellblau Zebra Sign Pen Clickart Knock pale blue
€1.60 *
Zebra Filzstift ClickArt orange Zebra Sign Pen Clickart Knock orange
€1.60 *
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