Field Notes notebooks 3 pack "Three Missions"

The 39th edition consists of a pack of 3 that deals with NASA's three space missions.

The booklets each deal with the missions Mercury, Gemini and Apollo from the 50s and 60s with a lot of facts and figures. Each of the covers depicts a more dramatic mission situation in color and is also overprinted with "Orbital Silver". Inside is the typical Field Notes paper with very lightly printed checkered paper - the printing ink is "Firmament Gray".

In addition, in the package to assemble paper sheets with the punched out 1:50 models of capsules. The manufacturer expressly states that these models are unlikely to survive re-entry into the atmosphere; the same may apply to the waters in one of the oceans.

The Field Notes notebooks are based on the classic notebooks of farmers in the United States. Farmers traditionally carry small, flat notebooks in the US, e.g. to record the current status of the seed, or notes on animals.

Ever since Field Notes began publishing regular editions a few years ago, the notebook has become a cult object in the US. Even in Europe, more and more people are thrilled with the small, simple notebooks.

Made in the USA

Size about 89mm × 140mm
Book block: 64 pages
3 books

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