Stalogy 016 notebook B5 red

Japanese notebook with very fine, smooth writing paper in 81,5g/m^2. The thread stitched notebook with round edges has a comfortable size between A5 and A4. The lining has a soft grey color with a distance of 7mm between the lines and a free heading.

104 pages
Size 179mm x 252mm

€13.00 *
Stalogy 016 notebook B5 blue Stalogy 016 notebook B5 blue
€13.00 *
Stalogy 016 Notizheft B5 gelb Stalogy 016 notebook B5 yellow
€13.00 *
Stalogy 016 Notizheft B5 grün Stalogy 016 notebook B5 green
€13.00 *
Stalogy 016 Notizheft B5 schwarz Stalogy 016 notebook B5 black
€13.00 *
Stalogy 016 Notizheft B5 grau Stalogy 016 notebook B5 grey
€13.00 *
Mine PG-105NP für Ohto "Rays" Ohto Gelmine PG-105NP
€2.00 *
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Pilot Füllertinte Iroshizuku "Chiku-rin" (15ml) Pilot Füllertinte Iroshizuku "Chiku-rin"
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Geschenkpapier Pop Stripes Geschenkpapier Pop Stripes
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Palomino Bleistfitverlängerung Blackwing mattschwarz Palomino Blackwing pencil extender
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Kaweco Füller Perkeo Jungle Green Kaweco Füller Perkeo Jungle Green (M)
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SEED Radiergummi "Clear Radar" SEED Eraser "Clear Radar"
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Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" magic Koh-I-Noor "Progresso" Magic
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