The Everyday Book "Tomoe River" Refill Passport

Refill booklet for the Traveler's Notebooks made of "Tomoe River" paper in blank. Although the paper is very light, only 52gsm, it is ideal for writing with fountain pens and ink. Any feather, from the finest to the widest, literally glides on paper. The ink does not bleed and does not feather. This paper has become a favorite among paper lovers and connoisseurs. 9 x 12.5 cm 128 pages, hand-bound.

9 x 12,5 cm (TN Passport Size)
thread binding
Tomoe River, 52gsm, blank white
softcover, light blue
Special features
hand-bound, high-quality paper from Japan
Country of origin
Galen Leather Refill Passport Tomoe River
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