Paperways COMPAT - 2 in 1 plastic pocket

Paperways COMPAT - 2 in 1 plastic pocket, protective cover for 2 notebooks of the COMPAT series

The Paperways COMPAT series is based on the idea to unite notes and plans in a way, which is convenient for projects where one has to stay flexible. You can pick two of the 10 different notebooks and put them together in one platic cover. Thus one has a lot of possibilities, for instance one of the planners can serve to take notes about things which have to get done or it can be used to write down measured data during the project. Additionally one can add a fresh notebook every week to take detailed notes.

In this way you can control the chaos in your purse or bag and furthermore your notebooks are well combined and protected through the cover. One cover can protect two notebooks. Just like you can see in the picture you just have to use the lug of the cover and put the last page of the first book and the first page of the second COMPAT notebook into the lug and you're set. Nice and easy!

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