Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert dunkelgrau (A5)

Perfect for everyday writing and note-taking, Apica CD notebooks feature charming covers, excellent paper and reliable thread binding. The pleasantly textured covers are made of thick cardstock, and the acid-free paper ensures that your notes will last for a long time. This A5 notebook consists of 28 sheets, each page contains 25 lines with 7 mm ruling.

acid free, lined
fountain-pen friendly paper
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€4.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert flieder (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 sky blue
€4.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert weiß (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 white
€4.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert elfenbein (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 ivory
€4.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert pistaziengrün (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 light green
€4.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert hellblau (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 light blue
€4.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert rot (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 red
€4.90 *
Apica Notizheft CD-11 liniert senfgelb (A5) APICA notebook CD-11 A5 mustard yellow
€4.90 *
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