APICA Free Monthly Planner "Schedule Book" (A5)

Apica CD Free Monthly Planner "Schedule Book" (A5)

Free monthly planner by Apica from Japan, with great paper and reliable thread binding. The planner has 16 monthly overviews divided into two pages, with plenty of space for task lists and notes. The undated format enables to begin at any time with your planning. The pleasantly structured cover is made of thick cardboard. The acid-free paper is very suitable for fountain pens.

thread binding
acid-free paper
textured cardstock
vertical yearly overview spanning two pages, with a line for each day. 16 monthly calendars, with a two-page spread for each month. Blank headers and calendar boxes for filling in months and dates. Lined section along the left of each monthly calendar for to-do lists and notes. 15 sheets of 5 mm grid paper for additional memos or sketches.
smooth paper, suitable for fountain pens
Country of origin
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