Hobonichi Anything Pocket

Information form the manufacturer:

This adhesive clear envelope can be attached to a page in your techo and provide a storage pocket.

The Anything Pocket is useful for keeping things in your techo that you would prefer not to tape directly to the page. This can include cute business cards, shop cards you still want to be able to pull out and use, and folded-up letters or papers you’d like to pull out and read later. It’s also useful for storing stickers, stamps, and other items you want to use later.

The bottom right of the pocket includes the Hobonichi logo and a silhouette of Hobonichi's monkey character. The front of the pocket is clear, and the background is a bright yellow. This allows you to see the contents of the pocket at a glance, and the yellow background works well with any color to spruce up the look of whatever you’re storing inside.

The pocket contains a strip on the upper back that you can peel off to adhere the pocket to the page. The pocket is made of thin plastic to keep your pages comfortably closed without causing extra bulk.

The pockets come in sets of 10 and are sized to snugly fit a business card. We hope this helps you fill in your pages with wonderful things!

58 x 90 mm
thin acylic
Hobonichi Anything Pocket
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