cover only: Hobonichi Techo MOTHER: Franklin Badge (A6)

This cover design is based on Shigesato Itoi's 1994 Super Nintendo game, MOTHER 2 (EarthBound in North America). It’s made from a natural-colored canvas material adorned with an embroidered Franklin Badge patch that gives it a satisfying three-dimensional feel. If you tip the cover and view the patch at different angles, you’ll see the way its threads sparkle.

The Franklin Badge holds a mysterious power in the MOTHER series; it’s a key item that shows up in all three games.

Inside the cover, you’ll see characters related to the Franklin Badge printed on the ticket pocket.

In MOTHER (EarthBound Beginnings), Pippi gives you the Franklin Badge as a promise to meet again after you rescue her when she gets lost.

In MOTHER 2 (EarthBound), Paula gives you the Franklin Badge to protect you from Carpainter’s lightning attack.

In MOTHER 3, Mr. Saturn takes your Courage Badge and polishes it up into the Franklin Badge.

This design will bring back memories of the role the badge played in each of the games.

The two bookmarks have bright blue ribbons and red charms that look nice against the cover’s natural color.

Just wearing the Franklin Badge on your person protects you from powerful attacks. With its special look and feel that will draw you in, this cover is also an item you’ll want to treat as a good-luck charm.

As a free bonus, this cover includes a protractor, based on the item carried around from the start by one of MOTHER 2’s protagonists, Jeff. The numbers are written in a pixelated font, and flying above Jeff in the middle of the protractor is none other than Bubble Monkey!

Keep this tucked in the pages of your Hobonichi Techo and you’ll be able to fairly easily figure out the angles of various things. And yes, it’s an item you can use multiple times.

Cover for
Hobonichi Techo Planner A6
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