Sketchbook "cottonlight"

Notebook Katazome "cottonlight"

Each book comes with an individual cover of hand-printed Japanese Katazome Washi paper. The book block is made of chamois-colored, finely ribbed Fabiano laid paper with 180g / sqm. Made by hand

80 pages, 110 x 160 mm

Your book will be similar to the book shown, but will certainly show a different section of the pattern

€14.90 *
Platinum Füllertinte Carbon Ink (60ml) Platinum Carbon Ink (60ml)
€22.90 *
Polnisches Notizbuch Monolit schwarz (A5) Polish Notebook Monolit black (A5)
€14.90 *
Kuretake No.13 Pinselfüller Kuretake No. 13 brush fountain pen
€26.90 *
Kuretake No. 60 Pinselstift - gold Kuretake No. 60 brush pen - gold
€6.90 *
Paperways Recycling - Skizzenbuch Black #1 Paperways sketchbook black #1
€13.90 *
Midori MD minimal Notebook A5 Journal Frame Midori MD minimal Notebook A5 journal frame
€13.95 *
LUIBAN Gift Card LUIBAN Gift Card
From €25.00 *
Pentel Touch Schwarz Pentel Pinselstift Touch schwarz
€2.90 *
Umschlag handgerändert in lavender groß envelope bordered manually in lavender big
€1.00 *
Papier d’Arménie - Armenisches Duftpapier "Année" Papier d’Arménie Duftpapier "Année"
€4.90 *
Armenisches Duftpapier traditional Papier d’Arménie Duftpapier klassisch
€3.90 *
Masking Tape pastell orange Masking Tape einfarbig pastell orange
€3.30 *
Masking Tape einfarbig "wakanae" gelbgrün Masking Tape einfarbig "wakanae" gelbgrün
€3.30 *
Grußkarte "Flügel 2" Grußkarte Flügel 2
€3.90 *