Polish notebook Lico blank chocolate (A5)

Thread-sewn notebook in 12x20 cm with hand-colored cover and smooth, uncoated paper.
The special binding technique makes it possible to open the notebook flat allowing a particularly pleasant writing experience.
The handmade cover shows a unique color gradient on each notebook, so every notebook is unique.

Format 12x20 cm
112 pages blank
with satin ribbon

€11.90 *
Polnisches Notizbuch "LICO" earth Polish notebook Lico blank earth (A5)
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Polnisches Notizbuch "LICO" orange Polish notebook Lico blank orange (A5)
€11.90 *
Polnisches Notizbuch "LICO" sand Cover Polish notebook Lico blank sand (A5)
€11.90 *
Pentel Orenz Druckbleistift 0.2mm weiß Pentel Druckbleistift Orenz weiß (0.2 mm)
€8.90 *
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€3.30 *
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€1.90 *
SEED "Slendy+" Radierstift schwarz Seed Radierstift Slendy+ schwarz
€6.90 *