Kokuyo "Soft-Ring" Ring Binder Notebook graph silver (B5)

Japanese notebook with soft and flexible ring binding made of plastic and envelope made of kraft cardboard. 80 sheets perforated, graph with 5 mm line spacing.

80 sheets, perforated
ring binder
Smooth 70gsm paper, graph, 5mm line spacing
plastic and natural cardboard, flexible
flexible and soft rings
Country of origin
€8.50 *
SEED "For Color" Radiergummi neongelb Seed Radiergummi For Color neongelb
€1.90 *
APICA Ringbuch SW134S kariert (B5) APICA ringbook SW134S grid (B5)
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Uni Limex Kugelschreiber Uni ballpoint pen Limex
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€15.90 *
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€17.90 *
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Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift pink Pilot Pinselstift Fude Makase pink
€3.50 *
Tombow Glue Pen Tombow "Glue Pen" glue stick
€2.90 *
Pinetti Notizbuch A5 Kalbsleder schwarz Pinetti Notebook A5 calfskin black
€54.90 *
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€13.90 *
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€11.90 *
KaWeCo Mine für Tintenroller blau Kaweco Gelmine blau
€3.95 *
Polnisches Notizbuch "Kosmos" lavendel Polnisches Notizbuch Kosmos blanko lavender
€11.90 *
Koh-I-Noor Bicolor 3423 rot-blau Koh-I-Noor Bicolor 3423 rot-blau
€1.90 *
Carta Pura Umlegeklammer Carta Pura paper clip 32mm
€0.50 *