Hobonichi Notebook Wish Upon a Star

Hobonichi Notebook "Wish Upon a Star by Yuka Hiiragi" graph paper

At 52g/sqm, the outermost thin Tomoe River paper makes it possible to produce a 240-page notebook with a handy thickness of only 8mm. The robust thread binding allows the calendar to be opened flat so that writing on both sides is not a problem. Tomoe River paper, despite its thinness, is characterized by high opacity, which greatly minimizes backside show-through. The paper is not only suitable for pencils and ballpoint pens, but also surprisingly well suited for ink and fountain pens. The overall high quality of workmanship ensures that the notebook can be used and browsed again and again for decades to come, even after long periods of use.

The printing color of the graph paper changes every 60 pages on the A6 and every 72 pages on the A5, to - red, blue, green, purple. The notebook can be combined very well with the Hobonichi Techo Avec.

Information from the manufacturer:

After many years of customer requests for a plain notebook that feels just like the Hobonichi Techo, the Hobonichi Plain Notebook made an appearance from 2019. For our third year, a Plain Notebook with a decorated cover joins the lineup.

Wish Upon a Star was designed by Yuka Hiiragi, whose wide range of work involves illustrations, writing, and isn’t confined within a specific genre. It's a chic design with a black base, with women and horses looking up to the shooting star and freesias and Christmas roses framing them drawn with a delicate touch.

This notebook has Tomoe River paper, opens completely flat, and contains graph paper divided into 4 colors.

The Tomoe River paper is the same thin, durable paper as that used in the Hobonichi Techo. This allows the 288-page book to stay at a mere 10mm thick, giving you plenty of room to fill to your heart’s content.

The 3.7 millimeter graph paper is also the same as that of the Japanese-edition Hobonichi Techo Original. The color of the ink on the page changes every 72 pages for A5 or every 60 pages for A6 (red / blue / green / purple), making it easy to split the book into several themes or use the colors as a way to more easily find old entries.

The notebook size is the same as the A5 Cousin, which makes it compatible with any of the Cousin’s Hobonichi Techo covers. The cover is great for storing items like pens or sticky notes and provides a very convenient user experience.

A6: 148 x 105 x 8 mm
A5: 210 x 148 x 10 mm
A6, A5
Page count
A6: 240
A5: 288
Tomoe River 52g/qm, säurefrei, 3,7mm kariert in wechselnden Farben
Country of origin
€27.90 *


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