Traveler's Notebook "Travel Tools" Ballpoint

Traveler's Company Limited Edition "Travel Tools" Ballpoint pen

Ink rollerball mad of brass ideal for travel for it is small enough for attaching even to the Traveler's Notebook in Passport Size. The massive brass eyelet allows for securing with a chain but also adds to the weight for comfortable writing. The wooden grip section is enforced with a brass inner tube that holds the lead. For transport the pen is stored in the brass tube that also helps to extend the pen to proper length for writing. The enemal coating is in blue with typical icons of the "Travel Tools" edition. Length for transport: 10 cm; Length for use: 14 cm

pen refill
0.5mm Gel, black
brass, enemal coating, wood
country of origin
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Aufbewahrung Traveler's Notebook Einlagen - kommt ohne Einlagen Aufbewahrung Traveler's Notebook Einlagen
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