Traveler's Notebook "Factory Green" Ballpoint

Traveler's Company Limited Edition "Factory Green" Ballpoint

This ballpoint pen made of brass is ideal for using it on the go and even has fits in the small Traveler's Notebook Passport Size. It is composed of two parts, one barrel made of brass, the other a pen part in a nickel plated cap. The end of the pen features a loop, so you can either attach it to a ring, a cord and maybe even a necklace.Due to the oxidation of the brass, the pen gets a very individual patina after just a few days of use. Capped lenght: approx. 10 cm, Open length: approx. 14 cm

Lacquered brass, wood
0.5mm Gel, black
11 mm
102 mm
Country of origin
"Midori" Traveler's Notebook "Factory Green" Ballpoint
€45.00 *