Traveler's Notebook "Midori" regular size of black leather

Traveler's Notebook "Midori" regular size made of black leather

The leather cover of the Travelers Notebooks is herbal tanned and cut by hand. With the memos and the calendar equipment every notebook can be individualized in a way that it fits everybodys needs. The notebooks come with a protective linen cover. When you first open the package you will find white powder on the leather. Actually this powder is natural leather grease and can be incorporated easily with the help of a cloth. The notebook starts to create a unique patina and surface right from the beginning. The leather is tanned herbal only and is meant to really live with its owner. Scratches, water marks and a vivid surface are actually meant to be so that the notebook seems to be telling a unique story after some time of usage. The inside can be changed, adjusted and extrended anytime. The inlays are attached with the help of a sealed string.

Originally this notebook was made to hold a Japanese passport. It is intended to easily fit in any pocket and be carried with you to take small notes and todo lists. Some people use it as a purse and store currencies in refill 004. Also various inlays can be combined in the notebook. Of course there are blank notebooks or lined and checkered versions but there are also notebooks with special functions, such as travelling planners or notebooks made of strong paper for drawing or to sketch travel impressions (a perforation enables the user to separate the page from the notebook easily) or waterproof plastic pockets, adhesive strips to include travel documents or small souvenirs and pockets for papers.

Every notebook comes with a black closing rubber band, one replacement rubber band and one blank inlay.
Size: 13,5 x 10 cm

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