string envelope C6 natural brown

KAMI string envelope C6 natural brown

Envelope made of natural colored kraft paper with riveted button and waxed cotton twine. The envelope has a slightly rough surface and an enjoyable, warm look and feel.

Handmade in Berlin.

Scale of prices:
1-9: 1,90€ /pc.
10-99: 1,30€ /pc.
starting from 100: 0,90€ /pc.

Quantity Unit price
To 9 €1.90 *
From 10 €1.30 *
From 100 €0.90 *
Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift schwarz Pilot "Fude Makase" Pinselstift schwarz
€3.50 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca grün Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca kelly green
€4.90 *
Ballograf Kugelschreiber Epoca papageiengelb Ballograf ballpoint pen Epoca yellow
€4.90 *
Umschlag handgerändert in rot groß envelope bordered in red big
€1.00 *
Umschlag handgerändert in silber groß envelope bordered manually in silver big
€1.00 *
Umschlag handgerändert in orange groß envelope bordered manually in orange big
€1.00 *
Umschlag handgerändert in gold groß envelope bordered manually in gold big
€1.00 *
Midori P-51 Papierclip "Krokodil" Midori Paperclip P-51 "crocodile" (18 pcs)
€6.50 *
Tombow Glue Pen Tombow "Glue Pen" glue stick
€2.90 *
Masking Tape "Tiere" orange Masking Tape "Tiere" orange
€3.30 *
japanisches Geschenktütchen 2 japanese gift bag 2
€1.00 *
SEED "For Color" Radiergummi neongelb SEED "For Color" Radiergummi neongelb
€1.90 *
japanischer Kleber Neongelb japanischer Kleber Neongelb
€2.90 *
Umschlag handgerändert in blau klein envelope bordered manually in blue small
€0.80 *
Craft Design Technology Bleistift Craft Design Technology Bleistift
€2.90 *
KUM "Long Point" Spitzer KUM "Long Point" Sharpener
€7.90 *
Sonnenleder Schreibetui "Grass" natur Sonnenleder pencil case "Grass" natural
€52.00 *
Carta Pura Schreibblock A4 braun Carta Pura writing pad A4 brown
€11.90 *