Japanise Envelopes Mino 3120 "S" (10 St)

The 3120 Watermarked Collection was designed by Hiroko Takahashi of Tokyo and produced by a group of skilled craftsmen in Mino, a historic city and province renowned for producing the highest quality Japanese paper. Mino Paper owes its reputation to over 1300 years of tradition and the pure waters of the Nagara and Itadori Rivers.

Size: 162 x 114mm

10 envelopes

Watermark Pattern Prism

This product is currently not available.
€8.90 *
Grußkarte "Warm Wishes" Flamingo Klappkarte Warm Wishes Flamingo
€4.50 *
Stempel "Großbuchstaben" groß Stempel "Großbuchstaben" groß
€15.50 *
Zebra Brush Pen FD-303 Hard Zebra Brush Pen FD-303 Hard
€5.50 *
Kunisawa Find Slim Note grau (A5) Kunisawa Notizbuch Find Slim Note grau (A5)
€17.90 *
japanischer Flachbeutel "Suchende" japanischer Flachbeutel "Suchende" (5 St.)
€4.90 *
japanischer Flachbeutel "Mädchen" japanischer Flachbeutel "Mädchen" (5 St.)
€3.90 *
Kaweco "Sport" Kugelschreiber bordeaux Kaweco Kugelschreiber Sport bordeaux
€21.95 *
KaWeCo Konverter Mini Sport KaWeCo converter mini sport
€6.95 *
Riso Geschenkpapier "Rabbit Paradies" Riso Wrapping Paper "Rabbit Paradise"
€2.90 *
japanisches Geschenktütchen 5 japanese gift bag 5
€1.00 *
Midori Kimagure Bär Schreibblock Midori Kimagure notepad bear
€5.90 *
Masking Tape "Dot CL" nebelrosa Masking Tape Dot CL nebelrosa (15m)
€3.80 *
Masking Tape "Hydrangea" mocca braun Masking Tape "Hydrangea" mocca braun (10m)
€3.80 *
Coccoina Klebestift 10g Coccoina Glue Stick 10g
€2.70 *