Bienvenue Publishing Cards Set "Iridescence" (5 pcs)

Bienvenue Publishing Cards Set "Iridescence" (5 pcs)

In mythology, beetles are often portrayed as treasure guardians. The ancient Egyptian god Khepri was shown as a scarab or scarab-man symbolizing the sunrise and the morning sun. This symbol originated in antiquity, where beetles were observed rolling dung in a ball as food to the breeding chamber in which they lay their eggs; When the larvae hatch, they are immediately surrounded by food and then emerge as fully developed creatures. The action of rolling was similar to the movement of the sun rolling over the horizon. This explains why the beetle symbolized the celestial cycle of rebirth. The beetle is also often used as a talisman or protective symbol.

A collection contains 5 different prints.

Format: 112 × 148 mm

Printed in risograph on down printing paper.

Made in Switzerland

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