"Midori" Traveler's Notebook Regular Size of blue colored leather

"Midori" Traveler's Notebook Regular Size of blue colored leather

The Travelers Notebook leather cover is herbal-tanned and cut by hand.
With the memo- and calendar accessories everyone can individualize their personal notebook according to their needs and wishes. The notebooks come in a protective linnen bag. When the bag is opened one can find white powder on the leather. It is natural leather fat, which can easily be worked in with a soft cloth. At its first use the notebook already begins to show a unique patina on its surface. The leather is treated herbal only and is thought to live with its owner. Little scratches and water stains are the things which create a certain uniqueness on this lovely notebook. They tell a story which only you and your notebook share. The inside can always be changed and adjusted. You can insert the Notebook thanks to a sealed string.

According to how the notebook is used, many different inserts can be used and combined. Apart from blank, lined or checkered notebooks there are also other possibilities which create a different "input", such as traveling planners, notebooks with thicker paper to draw and sketch and paper which is especially designed so pages can be torn out with a clean edge thanks to a special perforation. A waterresistand plastic pocket can be used to store important little things such as souvenirs and tickets. Information can be pasted into the notebook thanks to adhesive strips. There is a lot more to personalize this special travelers notebook.

Every notebook comes with a blue closure rubber band and one replacement band. It also contains a blank insert.

Size: 8,6 x 4,9 inches (22 x 12,5 cm)

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