KAMI ceramic card holder black (1 pc)

Ceramic card holders, coated in black enamel with a metallic sheen. Each piece, with a basic cubic shape, has been created to be unique and different one from another in both shape and color. The cardholder has a slightly slanted slit, perfect to hold place cards, business cards, or even small photographs.

These holders have been entirely hand-crafted in a socially responsible workshop in Berlin, Germany.

Dimensions: less than 3 x 3 x 3 cm

A special selection of properties is unfortunately not possible. Chance determines which pieces you will receive.

€7.70 *
Masking Tape "Toraneko" rot Masking Tape "Toraneko" rot
€3.22 *
Midori Papierclip P-51 "Schweinchen" Midori P-51 paper clip "pig" (18 pcs)
€6.34 *
Carta Pura Buchschraube 2mm messing Binder screw brass 2mm
€0.49 *
Carta Pura Buchschraube 5mm messing Binder screw 5mm
€0.49 *
Masking Tape "Landschaft" Masking Tape "Landschaft"
€4.09 *
Gutenberg Gummierstift Gummierstift "Gutenberg" glue dispenser
€9.65 *
Magnetischer Fuchs Walnuß Magnetischer Fuchs Walnuß
€34.07 *
Masking Tape "Stripe CL" aloe Masking Tape "Stripe CL" aloe
€3.22 *
Koh-I-Noor Bicolor 3423 rot-blau Koh-I-Noor Bicolor 3423 rot-blau
€1.85 *
Rifle Paper Grußkarte Letterpress "HELLO" Rifle Paper Grußkarte Letterpress "HELLO"
€1.95 * €3.80 *
Bleistift in Messinghülse TRC brass pencil holder
€27.20 *
Kuretake No.13 Pinselfüller Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori brush pen
€24.27 *
Lesezeichen aus Messing Lesezeichen aus Messing
€2.90 *
Klappkarte "Singender Weihnachtsmann" Klappkarte "Singender Weihnachtsmann"
€4.39 *
Klappkarte "Merry" Klappkarte "Merry"
€4.39 *
Klappkarte "Warm Wishes" Klappkarte "Warm Wishes"
€4.39 *
Koh-i-Noor Radiergummi Kiesel (12 St.) Koh-i-Noor Radiergummi Kiesel (12 St.)
€1.86 *
Velos Umlegeklammern "W-Clip" flach Velos Umlegeklammern "W-Clip" flach
€7.90 *