Claustrum Pencase sheet steel "concrete"

Pencase sheet made by the Japanese manufacturer Claustrum made of high-strength and stainless steel sheet can be opened and closed with one hand by pulling or pushing the thumb. The surface creates a matt concrete-like impression and changes with the first touch. The resulting lively patina quickly turns the case into a unique individual. A felt insert protects the contents.

Dimensions: 6.5 × 1.6 × 16 cm
Weight: 111 g
Surface "concrete"

Claustrum is a label of the Japanese designer Takeshi Endo. In his studio in the Tokyo Ginza district, he designs and produces a wide range of everyday steel and wood and leather products. His products are characterized by special mechanical finesse, which make it possible to open and close objects such as cases and purses with one hand, which normally have to be operated by two hands. Claustrum accessories are produced in small craft shops in Tokyo; Final assembly and surface treatment in Takeshi Endo's studio. All Claustrum products go through a rigorous final inspection.

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