Postalco Snap Pad A5 capital blue

Postalco conceived the Snap Pads with the idea of having a refillable notebook that you can always re-use. A4 misprints can simply be halved in the middle and punched with a standard punch. The sides fill the snap pad and the back is ready to be written on. The good thing: At the end of the day, the notes can be easily filed or made into small booklets using book screws.

How to use the Snap Pad according to Postalco: "Make holes in the top edge of the papers with a standard 2-hole puncher and snap them into the Snap Pad. The cover folds to the front to protect the papers and there is nog bulky hardware so it is easy to carry around. To use the A5 size, just cut the A4 papers in half, punch holes and snap them in!"

Paper is not included, but you can make the instruction sheet the first page - just turn it around and write on it! The Snap Pad holds up to 100 pages 160 x 230 mm. Material is pressed cotton fiber and brass buttons.

Made in Japan

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