Palomino Pencil Blackwing Volumes 4 (12 pcs)

The Blackwing No.4 is a tribute to the Rover-Mars-Mission planned for 2020. Special about these pencils ist the rustiy colored laquer as well as the sandy touch to the surface that remindes of the surface of the fourth planet. For the first time Palomino uses bronze colored eraser brackets. The creme colored eraser and the wording come in the same colors. No.4 is equiped with soft lead.

Blackwing: With roots in the 1930s, the pencil developed by Eberhard Faber was discontinued in 1998. After many inquiries from various artists, Palomino finally resumed production in 2010. The Volumes 33 1/3 is equipped with a very practical flat and changeable black eraser.

For economical tips with unusually flat angles, we recommend Palominos or the KUM "Long Point" pencil sharpener.

12 pencils

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