Japanese copper scissors hand-forged small

the completely handcrafted scissors are made of copper-plated steel. Due to the hollow grind, the scissors are particularly sharp and always re-sharpen themselves a little while cutting. This means that the copper scissors are not only very suitable for paper, but also for cutting fabrics. The shape of the handles and the low weight as well as the special shape of the shear blades make even more complicated cuts possible. The copper develops its very own patina, which can vary greatly depending on the use. Depending on your body chemistry, black copper oxide can also stick to your hands, which can be easily removed by washing your hands. No copper is applied to certain parts of the scissors; This is why they can be a bit sensitive to moisture - especially in salty environments. It is best to dry the scissors off immediately after use. If the scissors should be a bit stiff, they can be made smooth again with a little sewing machine oil in the area of ​​the screw. At the time of purchase, the blade will still be lightly oiled to protect against rust; you can easily wipe this off with a soft cloth.

Size: 15.8 cm

Weight: 60 g

The scissors are made in a family business in Ono-City, a city in western Japan that is known for metalwork. The family is already in the fourth generation of making scissors for industrial use and is now forging unique scissors for domestic use with the TajiKa brand.

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