Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen silver

It was in 1910 when Kaweco produced its first LILIPUT fountain pens from ebonite. Now the series has come back in a remastered version made of aluminum, brass, copper, and steel as fountain pens with a steel nib. Only measuring 3,8 inches (97mm) when closed, the LILIPUT is one of the smallest fountain pens existing, which can be used with standard ink cartridges. This one comes in silver aluminum.

€44.90 *

Nib Size:

Kaweco Sport Gelroller grün Kaweco Gelroller Sport grün
€17.90 *
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen rauchgrau KaWeCo ink cartridges smoke grey (6 pcs)
€2.00 *
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen königsblau KaWeCo ink cartridges royal blue (6 pcs)
€2.00 *
KaWeCo Tintenpatronen perlenschwarz KaWeCo ink cartridges pearl black (6 pcs)
€2.00 *
Kaweco Sport Fallminenstift grün Kaweco Fallminenstift Sport grün
€15.90 *
Kaweco Sport Kugelschreiber grün Kaweco Kugelschreiber Sport grün
€17.90 *
Kaweco "Sport" Druckbleistift grün Kaweco Druckbleistift Sport grün (0,7mm)
€16.90 * €20.90 *
Kaweco Liliput Druck-Kugelschreiber silber Kaweco Kugelschreiber Liliput silber
€39.90 *
Maruman Skizzenblock "Soho Sketch" (B6) Maruman Skizzenblock "Soho Sketch" (B6)
€8.90 *
KaWeCo Graphitmine für KaWeCo-Fallminenstifte 3,2mm Kaweco Bleistiftmine (5B / 3.2 mm / 6 St.)
€2.90 *
Kaweco Leder–Etui Kaweco Stifteetui Leder
€14.90 *